Misty Vandenberg (played by Ella Milano) is a naturally beautiful, seductively sweet, society Boston girl next door. She was ready to start law school in Los Angeles when fate in the form of Angelica stepped in discovering her in an airport. Seduced by Angelica’s sensual charm and her own hidden desire to find her father, (who she’s never met but is convinced he lives somewhere in Hollywood) Misty takes Angelica up on her offer to become the 5th starlet of Sunset Place.
Keira Scott (played by Briana Blair) is a back stabbing, bitchy social climber. But, being super hot and the most talented of the Sunset Place girls, she can turn on the charm in an instant. Organized and meticulous she will do anything to make it in Hollywood. If a sex tape blackmailing a rival will get her a part, you can be sure that there will be a date marked in her day planner and a list of steps she will need to take to make it happen.
Seven (played by Natalia Rogue) is a sexy as hell, bisexual babe that grew up amongst the richest of the rich in LA. Her trust fund dissolved and exiled by her family and friends due to an unforgiveable prank gone wrong, Seven has reinvented herself and created a new identity. Now, as an anonymous, struggling model/actress, she believes her secret is safe forever and is determined to make it on her own.
Ashland Meyer (played by Shawnae Belvedere) is a Riverside bad girl trying to be good. Coming from her sordid past, stripping, pimps, and prostitution she found herself in the middle of a dangerous situation. Realizing she was in the wrong place at the wrong time she fled the scene and wound up in Hollywood. Being ambitious and an outspoken liar made Ashland a natural actress. She was soon discovered by Angelica in an actor’s showcase but it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes looking for her.
Taylor Madison (played by Mary Ward) learned two things growing up; how to survive and that, older men had an eye for her. Orphaned at fourteen she was in and out of foster care. Tired of her foster fathers being a little too friendly, Taylor got a fake ID that made her eighteen and began modeling. She may be a beautiful air-head, brunette but when it comes to taking care of herself she is nobody’s fool. Taylor is polite and sweet and loves two things that always get her into trouble with Angelica; taking off her clothes and having sex with powerful, “Sugar Daddies” before the contract is signed.
Justin Galloway (played by Adamo Palladino) is an impossibly good looking and underhandedly smooth trust fund baby who also happens to be the son of The Brentwood Agency’s infamous owner, Raif Galloway. It is Justin’s job to maintain at all costs, Brentwood as the most powerful agency in Hollywood in order to keep the funds flowing freely and his father happy. He also takes great pleasure in giving special attention to all of the industry’s newest starlets as he believes the hands on approach is the best way of breaking in new talent.
Angelica Romaine (played by Cassandra Cruz) is a gorgeous, polished and professional successful actress/model turned ever more successful agent. As Brentwood’s undeniable star maker, she is in charge of breaking in new talent. No one messes with Angelica; not even Justin with whom she has a competitive yet passionate and perverse relationship. Technically, when Raif (her former lover) is away, Justin is in charge. But, like father like son, Angelica knows how to get what she wants from him.


Sage Rivers (played by John Werskey) is the fresh-off-the-bus hunk and aspiring Hollywood heart throb from the mid-west. When he meets Misty it is love at first sight but this is Hollywood not the heartland so it is decided that they are better off friends. Being a good “friend” Sage gets her a job at the nightclub where he bartends. No matter how hard he tries to get on with other girls in the Hollywood scene, he is constantly reminded of the impossible love he has for her.

Victoria Vandenberg (played by Veronica Avluv) Misty’s mother, having hidden her past as an actress and a closet full of skeletons of her own, flies to Los Angeles for a surprise visit where she discovers her daughter hasn’t been attending law school at all. Victoria, trying to protect Misty from the harsh realities of the entertainment world and the truth about her own past, gets distracted by the fresh young hunks/talent Hollywood has to offer.

Logan Reynolds (played by Gary Stretch) is a powerful debonair studio head and an old time friend of Raif Galloway who loves private meet and greets with tinsel town’s newest starlets. He meets Misty at her nightclub cocktailing day job and is instantly drawn to her but not in his usual sort of way. Kindly, Logan helps guide her career while Misty’s roommates seductively/sexually fight tooth and nail for his attention.

Raif Galloway (“a voice from the shadows”) is the thrill seeking, balls to the wall, viper of business who is the enigmatic owner of the Brentwood Agency. Though he is rarely in town his presence is always felt as he has eyes and ears everywhere.