About the series

Created by Executive Producer Gary D. Miller

Girls of Sunset Place

Five beautiful, young, hot, and sometimes very naughty Hollywood hopefuls are the newest faces of the Brentwood Talent agency. Under the watchful eye of Angelica Romaine, Brentwood’s top and most tantalizing agent, Misty, Keira, Seven, Ashland and Taylor are invited to live at the agency’s exclusive mansion at Sunset Place. Angelica must make these aspiring starlets realize their potential and turn them into the stars of tomorrow. This is an opportunity of lifetime and a chance for their dreams to become reality.

However, in this world of hopes and dreams, things are not always what they appear to be. With their A-list clients being dropped from projects one after the next, Brentwood is in danger of going bankrupt. Raif Galloway, a ruthless businessman and the owner of the agency, has mysteriously gone missing prompting the return of his international playboy, rogue son Justin. With plans to steal the agency reins in his father’s absence, Justin must first make a passionate peace with ex-lover Angelica. Driven by their insatiable lust for money and power, they agree to join forces to create a new Brentwood.

Meanwhile, our not-so-innocent, gorgeous group of young ladies have agendas of their own. These sexy, sultry girls have got what men want and they know how to use it. They quickly become caught up in the fast pace party lifestyle of Hollywood where wild sex, drugs and deceit are their way of getting to the top.

Thrust into the world of glamour, fashion, fortune and fame, they will do whatever it takes to get it!